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 Play World of Warcraft for free.

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Play World of Warcraft for free. Empty
PostSubject: Play World of Warcraft for free.   Play World of Warcraft for free. I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 03, 2010 1:31 am

Sick and tired of free WoW imitators? Then why not play the real thing? For free!

WoWbeez.com is a WoW "Private Server." A private server emulates the program of another server (like Blizzard servers that broadcast WoW or battle.net). Best of all, they provide anyone access to this world for free.

How do you get there? It's an easy 4-step process.

•-Go to http://wowbeez.com/ and check for the latest version they are currently emulating. Then go to Bigdownload.com and download the free WoW client, then patch it to the latest version on WoWbeez.
In most cases, Wowbeez is up to date with Retail WoW, so you can usually simply let the launcher update all the way to the latest retail patch. However, if WoWbeez happens to out of date with the Retail version, you will have to update it manually to the patch Wowbeez is currently running.

•Then create an account at http://wowbeez.com. This will be your username and password when you reach the WoW client log-in screen.

•Go to the file location where the WoW application is located. Usually it is somewhere like "C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft" or "C:\World of Warcraft". You can reach it by right-clicking the WoW desktop shortcut and selecting "Open File Location." Go into the "Data" folder. Then the "enUS" folder. Then open "Realmlist" with a word editor, like Notepad. Delete everything there and copy & paste this:

set realmlist wowbeez.no-ip.org
#set realmlist us.logon.worldofwarcraft.com
#set patchlist us.version.worldofwarcraft.com
set realmlistbn ""
#set portal us

Then click "Save."

The "#" signs are there in case you ever want to go back to retail WoW. Simply delete the number signs there, and then add number signs where they weren't.

•Go back to the WoW application file location. Now, there are two files that will take you to the WoW client: one is the "WoW Launcher", and the other is simply "WoW". If you click the WoW launcher, it will automatically update WoW if a new retail patch is available. If you click "WoW," it will take you straight to the WoW client without updating. So if WoWbeez is on patch 3.3.2 and Retail WoW is on patch 3.3.3, you will want to stay on patch 3.3.2; so to reach the WoW client without updating, click on the application that just says "WoW."
By default, the shortcut on your desktop leads to "WoW Launcher." You should delete that shortcut and use "WoW" instead.

And that's it. Enter your username and password, select one of the 8 servers, and go!

My Horde characters on the "Thunderstorm" server are "Darktan" - Lvl 30 Hunter, "Wrecker" - Lvl 50 Warrior, and "Benjamin" - Lvl 10 Priest

[wow]What is this "WoW" tag?[/wow]
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Play World of Warcraft for free.
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