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 You suck, [username]

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PostSubject: You suck, [username]   Thu Jun 17, 2010 3:00 pm

Welcome generator:
Welcome, [username]
Yo, [username]
Hola, [username]
Hey, [username]
You suck, [username]
What's up, [username]

Flavor Text:
Now with 50% more averageness
Operators are standing by
Collect all five!
Usually not funny
Powdered wigs are in this year
Less Funny. Always
Less imaginiation than...uh...whatever
Proud member of the Church of Scientology
Powered by Sweatshop Labor
Caution: May cause dizziness, fatigue, and explosive diarrhea
Content free since 2003!
Like a turd in your breakfast
Set your phasers to stun!
Check your local listings
Silverware is a thing of the past

Please support the gaming industry by pirating video games.
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You suck, [username]
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