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Guess who?

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PostSubject: GURPS   Wed Jul 14, 2010 9:37 am

For the past few weeks or so I've been reading the GURPS (Generic Universal Role-playing System) core rulebooks, just to see what the difference is between it and D&D. GURPS is unique because, instead of using experience points to gain levels, every character simply has a point value. Most heroes are worth 100-200 points and god-like beings are worth about 1000 points. You use the points the GM alots you to buy advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantages are worth negative points, so you actually get more points for buying things that may affect your character negatively.

In my opinion, GURPS is almost identical with what we were trying to do with Era?. With Era?, the idea was for everyone to create a character class and progression using the d20 system completely on their own. This was intriguing because each character would be even more unique than the core classes in any d20 system book. There were problems, though. The problems that occurred, at least for me, were trying to determine how to balance your character with the system and the other characters and how to create a unique character that had potential but was not over or underpowered. These two problems are related. Both arose because there was no system of standardization in place that could tell you how to create a character class that would be balanced and interesting. At least, I never bothered to look for one at the time.

With GURPS, these problems are erased. You can create any character in any setting using the appropriate amount of points and the game system says it will be balanced. Now, I haven't actually played GURPS yet, but I'm looking forward to a time when I might get to.

You can try the GURPS Lite rules here for free: http://e23.sjgames.com/downloads/e23-100714-071149-RwTRUBIh3wVIV6lvQMbOeuMyoVrnAknz-SJG31-0004/GURPS_Lite_Fourth_Edition.pdf
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