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 The Anal Sex Registry

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Join date : 2010-06-03
Age : 29
Location : a place of settlement, activity, or residence

The Anal Sex Registry Empty
PostSubject: The Anal Sex Registry   The Anal Sex Registry I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 03, 2010 10:08 am

We are the official Anal Sex Registrar of the world wide web. If you've engaged in anal sex, or know someone who has, please register below.

•index buttfucked index
•ingiborishka buttfucked ingiborishka
•Soccer Practice buttfucked our weekend plans
•My Cell phone was buttfucked by Fedrock
•name buttfucked name
•Blake's puke buttfucked Hulesberg's Stereo, Upholstery, and Trim on the Montego
•Ryan Hulesberg's Parents car was buttfucked by by Blake's puke
•Calculus buttfucked Americans
•ebay buttfucked ebay
•divorce buttfucked divorce
•dishnetwork buttfucked dishnetwork
•dehumidifier buttfucked dehumidifier
•freecreditreport buttfucked freecreditreport
•barrybonds buttfucked barrybonds
•bikini buttfucked bikini
•ankletattoos buttfucked ankletattoos
•Jake Harney buttfucked Mr. Gropper
•Joanie was buttfucked by Chachi
•The UPS Guy buttfucked Your Sister
•drugs buttfucked you
•shannon buttfucked kami
•Mr. G buttfucked us all
•inborg6 buttfucked inborg6
•ingiborg5 buttfucked ingiborg5
•ingiborg4 buttfucked ingiborg4
•ingiborg3 buttfucked ingiborg3
•ingiborg2 buttfucked ingiborg2
•ingiborg1 buttfucked ingiborg1
•bulka buttfucked bulka
•bpquqfflht buttfucked bpquqfflht
•ingiborg buttfucked ingiborg
•Eric was buttfucked by The Anal Sex Registry
•Eric buttfucked Yugi Buttfucked Neumann
•bsbodk buttfucked bsbodk
•Christain Setzer was buttfucked by The Guy who just got done Buttfucking Avery
•Death buttfucked Heath Ledger, who then returned the favor.
•Sid buttfucked Ethan in his sleep
•Tyler Maxwell buttfucked Meghan Hamilton
•tyler buttfucked meghan
•PSP buttfucked the internet
•buttfucked wtf?
•nwobfr buttfucked nwobfr
•BillGates buttfucked BillGates
•Alliance was buttfucked by The Horde
•BETA buttfucked AIEW
•Hafk was buttfucked Finally.
•Tony buttfucked Sophia
•aaron V buttfucked Levi
•Ben buttfucked Colin by request.
•Ben buttfucked colin
•< was buttfucked by >
•Eric buttfucked the poor poor imac
•Trevor buttfucked this guy named Ethan once, it was the worst expirence ever.
•Meghan had a dream where she was buttfucked by Trevor over and over again, until the sun came up over Santa Monica Blvd.
•I buttfucked my siser, twice
•I was buttfucked by Rosey drunk as shit
•Traci was buttfucked by her husband (now ex)
•lack of visitors buttfucked this site
•bax buttfucked o'brien
•Doug repeatedly buttfucked Angela
•kit was buttfucked by jerry
•T-Dawg was buttfucked by Colin over and over again
•Bigbee continues to be buttfucked nicotine
•Trevors Parents buttfucked Trevor And Ethan
•Nicotine buttfucked bigbee
•Christian Setzer was buttfucked by Switzerland
•brett buttfucked touch of mink
Smile buttfucked Sad
•The school buttfucked us, by making us come to school today.
•Setzer was buttfucked by the antalope and he enjoyed it. Because he said it was his first touch of female.
•O.J Simpson buttfucked the law
•Mr Bolton buttfucked DIDA and MR hartley to keep his job because he is a dirty gay fag who enjoys this anal bum fun with people to save his precious job
•My mom was buttfucked by andre
•Chazza's dog buttfucked Andres face
•Andre buttfucked Charlies mum
•Ross Ritchie (yes the scottish one who goes to SWCHS) buttfucked Tom Grist, in a drunken way for 1 hour on the field
•Milk buttfucked shock
•Beefy Italian Dunkers buttfucked WHS Students
•The snowman army was buttfucked by the grinch himself
•Ben was buttfucked by his closed mind
•Those 18 stupid teenagers were buttfucked by that damn ice hill
•18 stupid teenagers buttfucked the williamsburg cops for over an hour
•Lawyers buttfucked Lawn Darts
•Ryan buttfucked Casey
•The Japanese buttfucked English (its now Engrish...)
•pepper spray buttfucked bretts face
•E buttfucked F
•dale was buttfucked by his cell mate
•Johnston buttfucked his life when he began dating avery.
•Schnebbie buttfucked you grandmothers stiff, dead body...
•Eric buttfucked His Wii while his DS watched...and cried
•Rose buttfucked Curtis
•Quinton buttfucked Every strive made to bring the English language where it is today
•Johnston was buttfucked by Social Retardation
•Hitler buttfucked the Jews
•Trevor buttfucked Nation States
•MCR buttfucked Music
•FedEx buttfucked UPS
•The Deer was buttfucked by Sowds
•Jayme buttfucked his wii
•The logger man was buttfucked by The Owl in the Shower!
•DOT was buttfucked by DPS
•Setzer was buttfucked by the DOT
•The Wii has buttfucked the PS3 countless times, and doesn't plan to stop any time soon.
•You were all buttfucked by me.
•I was buttfucked by lack of sleep
•The Plant was buttfucked by those Christmas lights
•Van meter buttfucked Schnebbie while he was sleeping
•schnebbie was buttfucked by the Ford Probe
•schnebbie buttfucked Van Meter
•Laziness buttfucked this registry for too long
•jeff buttfucked jeff
•rdl5150 buttfucked whomever!
•John buttfucked karen
•Jeff got buttfucked by his wife with a strapon
•Jeff liked being buttfucked by Mike
•Mike B buttfucked Jeff B
•Judy was buttfucked by Jeff
•Mary was buttfucked by Jeff
•Some nutbar buttfucked this registry
•Sex between ANYTHING other than a man and a woman is wrong and evil. I can't understand how people can fuck members of the same gender, or allow members of the same gender to fuck them. Calling someone gay, queer, fagot, or otherwise is what they deserve. Calling them homosexual is only necessary if you're trying to curry favor with them, which I'm not. You'll never convince me that homosexuality is right, or even acceptable. And don't give me that crap about it being inherited, because it's bullshit. buttfucked And you say liberals are wacky?
•roy buttfucked gus
•simon was buttfucked by a chick while she rotated on a toy train track
•simon was buttfucked by simon
•Certainty buttfucked apothecary
•Jigglypuff buttfucked you all and gave you herpies in Super Smash Brothers!
•AJ was buttfucked by UNO!
•the school was buttfucked by sharps awesome mod powers
•demetrius buttfucked Andrew's mom
•chandler buttfucked the orange spray
•Beanis buttfucked Petis
•Andrew likes to be buttfucked by his lil brothers
•Elias buttfucked Autocad
•D buttfucked Elias
•Bush buttfucked Sudam Hussein
•Osama buttfucked the Twin Towers
•The Army was buttfucked by the National Guard
•Schnebbe was buttfucked by the Army
•schnebbe buttfucked your mom
•Ethan buttfucked his moped
•thomas was buttfucked by johnston
•uh buttfucked oh
•Everyone was buttfucked by By that creepy picture of Norah
•average in every way buttfucked ten lynching men
•randy was buttfucked by black guy
•Count Chocula buttfucked Frankenberry
•Jace buttfucked my younger brother
•b-b-b- buttfucked !
•norah buttfucked herself when she tried to tell dave nagle her name
•Elvis, buttfucked the music world
•Your mom was buttfucked by my grandma
•johnston got buttfucked on xbox live
•You were probably buttfucked .
•ben's superhuman faggotry buttfucked itself
•ben's "superhuman intelligence buttfucked itself
•this is buttfucked Tat Twas
•dale was buttfucked by your mom
•Curry buttfucked himself with leather dick extender he bought at a flee market.
•Superman was buttfucked by Bizarro
•The Baby was buttfucked by Johnston and his Liberal Commies!!!
•Baerg & Bigbee's spelling and grammar buttfucked my veiw of his intelligence. Oh, they also buttfucked eachother.
•ben's tounge buttfucked newman's mouth
•Bigbee buttfucked the baby
•Thomas buttfucked Johnston by putting him in the Sprint Meddly with Bryce
•Ben buttfucked himself by flipping out over a lousy H
•The Y Chromosome buttfucked the X chromosome
•Ben buttfucked His staples out
•jake was buttfucked by sanchez
•jake buttfucked sanchez
•baerg was buttfucked in the U!!
•It's URETHRA!!! buttfucked URETHRA!!! Not Urtietra! Dork...
•Mr.Steve was buttfucked by Casey and friends!!
•steve buttfucked colin and mocal
•Dale was buttfucked by the computer
•Dale buttfucked The Computer
•Quinton buttfucked himself
•Johnston buttfucked Adams
•johston buttfucked himself when he went out for track
•Dale buttfucked Shenibies car with urine
•Ben buttfucked Baerg's Urtietra with a pencil
•colin buttfucked his five wood
•Michael Jackson buttfucked Macaulay Culkin
•The Golf Test buttfucked Micheal groe
•Johnston buttfucked hi pepsi bottle because he can't find anything living to buttfuck.
•We buttfucked Raiden's dreams of a jam session
•Tomme buttfucked our fun
•johnston buttfucked mr.manning by not showing up for practice after the show choir performance...
•riggens was buttfucked by sleep
•severals buttfucked sererals
•Farmer's buttfucked The Man On The Deck
•Colin's Capaign was buttfucked by Over Excessive A.D.D.
•Levi wishes he could be buttfucked by S.T.D's and the whole gang
•Jake was buttfucked by Fitch and Nathan
•Jake was buttfucked by a large black man
•Chumly buttfucked Troy
•Trevor buttfucked his Kawasaki
•Jake was buttfucked by Poor Judgement
•monte was buttfucked by jake.........several times........in the shower
•Jayme buttfucked some random cat
•Jake buttfucked Nothing(haha)
•Chumly buttfucked trr4xe4zdr3g yb
•Jake was buttfucked by Third Degree Murder
•Jake was buttfucked by Jayme's Fists
•Jayme buttfucked troy
•Andrew wants to be buttfucked by Hanna and Heather... What a perv
•Nate Johnston buttfucked Everyone's fun
•Levi buttfucked himself for ever by loggin on bean's Name
•Levi is going to be buttfucked by bean's rage
•The State Judges buttfucked Johnston
•Browny was buttfucked by Alex.....eewww...
•Levi was buttfucked by Asian Invasion's herpies, genital, herpies
•Kim buttfucked Levi, and gave him herpies.
•Tomme was buttfucked by kiddie shows
•Nickelodean was buttfucked by the"F" word
•Groe is buttfucked by his mom constantly
•Groe mom buttfucked groe
•Groe is buttfucked constantly
•Bean and Wescott buttfucked Mrs. Suepple by being Sneeky-Sneeky
•D-D-Dale buttfucked D-D-Dale
•Mrs.Suepple was buttfucked by BY dALE
•Ethan is going to be buttfucked by the school's lockers.............................................................again
•Tomme buttfucked ?
•We buttfucked Jayme's sense of security
•Mr.Stewart buttfucked Hope For The Heartland
•Bean was buttfucked by His Self
•jake was buttfucked by aiew
•Runescape buttfucked Micheal Groe
•Curtis was buttfucked by High Hopes
•Chumly Stoltze was buttfucked by death
•Chumbly Stoltze buttfucked Death
•the devil buttfucked jordan, in the cold cold night
•colin buttfucked his fag car
•rigbe was buttfucked by jayme,jake,tomme,seth, and the cold spring air
•seth buttfucked the devil, and liked it
•Seth buttfucked the devik
•jake buttfucked littleboys
•jayme was buttfucked by jake in the shower
•jake was buttfucked by little men
•jake buttfucked little boys
•rigbe buttfucked jake
•Jayme buttfucked the golf coarse owner
•Tomme buttfucked Bean
•Tomme was buttfucked by Beab
•Sethis buttfucked Besis
•6 buttfucked 9
•Homo/pedmo buttfucked jyme
•Homo buttfucked jayme
•Pedmo buttfucked Jayme
•Johnston was buttfucked by Johnston's parents
•You buttfucked cg
•Colin was buttfucked by Puntzler
•Tomme buttfucked Ben's face
•Trevor and Johnston buttfucked Stolze's eight mile run
•I buttfucked The Poker Game
•the school system buttfucked everyone because they can and they are very experienced at doing it.
•johnston was buttfucked by stolze when he refused to put him on the roster for track
•Ben's hybrid club buttfucked his chance at being under par on hole 4
•Ms. Six was buttfucked by the Devil when she sold her soul for a teaching job
•Johnston was buttfucked by our superior knowledge
•Johnston was buttfucked by the State Solo Contest
•Johston was buttfucked by the mini mop
•johnston was buttfucked by that one chick who called him to tell him he was moving and he didn't even know who she was
•Whor'hey buttfucked The school system
•Hanna buttfucked tomme, with HER manily ness
•Hannah buttfucked Tomme, because of the manlyness
•We buttfucked Nick's Campagin
•Bigbee buttfucked Johnston's roof
•Tomme was buttfucked by The Golf Cart
•Johnston was buttfucked by Tommy when he sat next to Hannah at A block lunch
•newberry buttfucked johnston.... ALL NIGHT LONG!
•newberry buttfucked johnston.... ALL NIGHJT
•Johnston buttfucked himself
•mackingie buttfucked launchcast
•The Car buttfucked Rat's favorite ball
•Tomme buttfucked Kate cause rat wanted to
•Tomme buttfucked Hannah... just to piss off Johnston.
•Johnston buttfucked his car
•Johnston was buttfucked by the system
•Johnston was buttfucked by Maid Rite
•The commuine buttfucked levi
•Johnston was buttfucked by track
•Johnston was buttfucked by the librarians
•Zach buttfucked his hair
•Rivers buttfucked That dude from Godsmack
•Paige's Inability to communicate buttfucked Johnston
•The Tobacco Companies buttfucked Mr.Manning and no body cares(!!!)
•The System was buttfucked by Johnston & Friends
•Jeb Bush buttfucked That one dude's decision to murder his wife...
•Johnston was buttfucked by By 21st century standards, for supporting M.Jackson
•Micheal Jackson buttfucked you all when you weren't looking
•Nick buttfucked The AIEW Board with his Time Travel Theories post
•Curry McSpice was buttfucked by The Mokster
•Mr. Neal was buttfucked by his Mom while his Dad watched
•Everyone was buttfucked by Mr. Neal
•Jake buttfucked Johnstons Pepsi
•Andrew was buttfucked by His Pepsi
•newberry buttfucked johnston
•Jayme'sspiecies was buttfucked by Reality
•newberry buttfucked LITTLE BILL
•ben buttfucked you in your sleep
•Nerdom buttfucked Johnston
•Johnston's car was buttfucked by The Big Black Van
•Rigbee buttfucked The Sand Trap
•ben was buttfucked by curry
•Ben,Trevor,Jayme,and kiesha buttfucked AIEW
•Trevor buttfucked the fat substitute in typing class
•ben buttfucked his mom
•keisha was buttfucked by a lightsaber
•Keisha buttfucked Yoda
•R2D2 was buttfucked by Yoda
•Rat buttfucked Levi and Dale
•levi buttfucked dale and himself
•Levi was buttfucked by Dale
•Levi buttfucked Dale
•Beanis was buttfucked by a penis
•Rat buttfucked This website... BAD
•Probably was buttfucked by Probeby
•u was buttfucked by i
•The Cannon buttfucked The Administration
•being bored buttfucked everyone
•Family Guy buttfucked Every celebrity
•A bunch of rats buttfucked Ben Burnham and Steve Johns
•This site was buttfucked by Ask Jeeves
•The sodomites buttfucked the other sodomites
•buttfucked buttfucked buttfucked buttfucked buttfucked buttfucked buttfucked buttfucked buttfucked buttfucked buttfucked!
•Tomme The Commie buttfucked Tomme The Mommy
•Jaymason was buttfucked by a Sword with blood
•A 70 year old tree was buttfucked by Curry
•Trevor was buttfucked by a shemale
•A hot supermodel was buttfucked by Trevor
•Jaymason was buttfucked by Tool
•green day was buttfucked by baerg
•Trevor was buttfucked by A chinese Homo
•Baerg buttfucked Hitler
•This site was buttfucked by Google
•Your mom was buttfucked by Baerg
•A can of cheese whiz buttfucked trevor
•Osama bin Laden buttfucked his mom
•A bunch of rats we found in the alley was buttfucked by Ben
•Jaymason was buttfucked by A piece of cheese
•Baerg was buttfucked by his dog
•Monkeychillin buttfucked his bike
•Rat buttfucked your mom
•Jaymason was buttfucked by Runescape
•Jaymason buttfucked Jaymason Twice
•Jake was buttfucked by Jake
•This reistar was buttfucked by Jaymason and Mackinjie
•beats buttfucked himself
•jaymason was buttfucked by mackinjie
•the dog was buttfucked by mackinjie
•Little Nuemann was buttfucked by The English Language
•I'm just doing this for attention buttfucked Attention
•Curry's power buttfucked Beat's retardation
•tenlynchingmen.com was buttfucked by averageineveryway.com
•Tim buttfucked Justin
•Todd was buttfucked by Chris
•Bigbee was buttfucked by the hill
•Ben's snowballs buttfucked bigbee
•Abe Lincoln buttfucked that guy he slept with for 3 years
•Conan buttfucked Max Wienberg
•Jake leg was buttfucked by Beanis
•Subpar Mario was buttfucked by poor teammate selection.
•John Kerry's mom buttfucked Herman Munster
•America resisted being buttfucked by John Kerry
•America resisted being buttfucked buttfucked by John Kerry
•baergs gay dog buttfucked a stuffed elephant
•rat was buttfucked by another rat
•Silver Mosaic Panda buttfucked Curry
•Kerry's Face buttfucked his lies
•I buttfucked Myself
•America was buttfucked by "W"
•Hans buttfucked Franz
•I was buttfucked by a priest
•Panda buttfucked Herky
•Larry buttfucked David
•Chico buttfucked the Man
•Johnny Carson buttfucked Michael Essany
•I was buttfucked by Michael Essany
•I buttfucked Michael Essany
•jenny harris buttfucked carol harris
•ann coulter was buttfucked by rush limbaugh
•Jayme buttfucked Chumly
•ben was buttfucked by Denny Frary
•Jake buttfucked himself
•Reece's face buttfucked Reece
•jayme buttfucked his crummy moped
•jiri v. was buttfucked by bob c.
•Curry buttfucked ShannonO's whiney brother
•New York was buttfucked by Big Bird
•Lego was buttfucked by tyco
•Denny Frary was buttfucked by Jeff's anal sex registry
•Denny Frary was supposedly caught as he buttfucked some random gay guy on the weather desk
•Brittney Spears was buttfucked by John Millnik
•You were buttfucked by John Millnik
•Robert Britt buttfucked Tommy Lee Jones
•Bubba Ho-Tep buttfucked Elvis and JFK
•Bivy was buttfucked by his sister
•Maggie's directions buttfucked Joe, Curry and Norah
•Simon buttfucked Garfunkle
•Curry's face was buttfucked by the stair well at Old Capital Mall
•Simon Cowler buttfucked Snoop Dogg
•Tim was buttfucked by The Administration
•Steve Johns was buttfucked by A common sense of reality
•Gene's Express Mart Video Section was buttfucked by the arrival of Jerry's Video and Arcade
•The Hornet was buttfucked by Larry Renolds
•Jeff was buttfucked by the person that sold him those Oakley Square Wires w "fire" lenses.
•Curry was buttfucked by the dude that wants him to change the cite
•Bill Neal buttfucked Steve Johns
•walnuts buttfucked my cookies
•Dietch buttfucked any number of guys
•Brenna Austin buttfucked Religion
•Show of Strength buttfucked Mr. Lazy
•Geddy Lee buttfucked Neil Peart
•Norah's friend Lauren was buttfucked by some dude, then her ass bled for a week
•That oscilloscope was buttfucked by curry's floor-less shit car.
•Curry was buttfucked by the fry station and alto shamm simultaneously
•Some gas tank buttfucked Crustach's telescoping asshole
•Curry's xBox was buttfucked by Dance Dance Revolution
•joe's face was buttfucked by evolution
•obi wan buttfucked a bunch of nerf herders
•Brad Christy was buttfucked by Bunny
•Bunny was buttfucked by Dumpy
•"Droz is a German name" was buttfucked by "The Mexican"
•The Mexican buttfucked Longhead
•Rush Limbaugh buttfucked The Black Panthers
•UIAA buttfucked Jeff and Curry
•You buttfucked Me
•Brandon Folkmann buttfucked his neighbor's dog
•i buttfucked you
•Brandon Folkmann buttfucked His Dog
•Curry buttfucked my tasty High Life
•Jeff's reputation was buttfucked by this website
•bob vila was buttfucked by his power drill
•bing crosbee was buttfucked by his dog
•lewis buttfucked clark on the mississippi
•marco buttfucked polo
•Tammy Sinn was buttfucked by Mike Gabriel
•curry buttfucked his loving cousin Jess
•Matt Imhoff was buttfucked by Sharon
•SA buttfucked Shari
•Joe was buttfucked by Jeff's phone. It was for his ASS!
•Jennifer buttfucked Chris
•Mario buttfucked Luigi
•Pierre Pierce buttfucked that chick he raped
•a beer can buttfucked that chick in the porn software pic at the hawkeye downs cpu show
•an asian nurse was buttfucked by Henry cleary
•Matt D.'s mom was buttfucked by Matt D.'s dad
•jeff's evening of fun was buttfucked by his mom making hot dogs
•one elephant buttfucked another elephant
•Garwood Mayer buttfucked Bev Wyatt in the band room
•Norah buttfucked Aaron
•Amy was buttfucked by Jeff
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Join date : 2010-06-03
Age : 29
Location : a place of settlement, activity, or residence

The Anal Sex Registry Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Anal Sex Registry   The Anal Sex Registry I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 03, 2010 10:16 am

Quote :
Ben's snowballs buttfucked bigbee

Wow... I remember that one... needless to say, do not use snowballs to buttfuck Bigbee. Very Happy

Speakin of, I haven't seen Bigbee on a forum since the very original TLM. Where he go?
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Guess who?
Guess who?

Join date : 2010-06-03
Age : 30

The Anal Sex Registry Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Anal Sex Registry   The Anal Sex Registry I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 03, 2010 11:15 am

TLM was buttfucked by Life
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Guess who?
Guess who?

Join date : 2010-06-03
Age : 30

The Anal Sex Registry Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Anal Sex Registry   The Anal Sex Registry I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 03, 2010 2:30 pm

•"We buttfucked Nick's Campagin"

this must have been one of the first times I DM'd for you guys, aww Razz
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Sex Offender
Sex Offender

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Age : 28
Location : *Insert Hilarious Location Here*

The Anal Sex Registry Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Anal Sex Registry   The Anal Sex Registry I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 03, 2010 2:59 pm

Trevor was buttfucked by a shemale

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Age : 28
Location : Where I am currently

The Anal Sex Registry Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Anal Sex Registry   The Anal Sex Registry I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 03, 2010 6:43 pm

There a lot of me fucking people just to be a dick.
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The Anal Sex Registry Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Anal Sex Registry   The Anal Sex Registry I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 04, 2010 11:43 am

Ethan is going to be buttfucked by the school's lockers.............................................................again

ahh, memories, i remember when that happened
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Join date : 2010-06-03
Age : 29
Location : a place of settlement, activity, or residence

The Anal Sex Registry Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Anal Sex Registry   The Anal Sex Registry I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 04, 2010 11:51 am

Me too. Ethan, you crazy monkey.

That musta been in 5th grade?

Please support the gaming industry by pirating video games.
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Join date : 2010-06-03

The Anal Sex Registry Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Anal Sex Registry   The Anal Sex Registry I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 16, 2010 10:56 pm

it may have been, i feel like it was earlier than that though
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The Anal Sex Registry Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Anal Sex Registry   The Anal Sex Registry I_icon_minitime

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The Anal Sex Registry
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