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 The Fiscal Cliff

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The Fiscal Cliff Empty
PostSubject: The Fiscal Cliff   The Fiscal Cliff I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 01, 2013 1:53 am

Today, I believe Congress or the house or the senate or something finally came to a deal on the Fiscal Cliff.

The fiscal cliff is a sort of "motivator" for congress to get Poos done. If Congress can't make a deal before 2013, huge spending cuts and tax increases are automatically implemented. Conservatives understandably are LOSING their Poos over this, and even Democrats are surprisingly afraid of the consequences of failing to resolve this.

Of course, this is ultimately a ruse to give huge breaks to the rich, so those terrified reactions to alarm the public are completely fake.

We have historically low taxes and record high spending. Seriously, what fuckked up moron would be opposed to spending cuts and increasing revenue in the face of the most enormous debt problem our country's ever seen?

Oh, and of course, they work out a deal just in time - LITERALLY in the final seconds. Give me a break. This is what your "Smoke and mirrors" in politics is all about.

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The Fiscal Cliff
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