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 I'm attending University of Iowa

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I'm attending University of Iowa Empty
PostSubject: I'm attending University of Iowa   I'm attending University of Iowa I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 13, 2014 4:40 am

I don't know whether any of you are wondering about my life, or about the life of any of the tribal douches, or if you just don't give a cock and balls about two shits, but hey;

I'm re-attending the University of Iowa. It will be my third year of college. If you're thinking "Oh, third year? Ben must have just taken a long time off education in favor of bolstering his career," you're mistaken. I only recently graduated from Kirkwood with a 2-year Liberal Arts whatsit. Previous from that was a bloody encounter with a FUCK-ALL OMYGOD WE GON DIE sort of period of time. Just whole years of stumbling, ducking-and-covering, and remaining motionless.

So now... I'm back where I started when this very forum began. I thought it would be prudent to enlighten that fact.

Being four years behind is difficult to comprehend. It's not an entirely grave and miserable situation, it's just a bit stunning. I figured I was intelligent and capable, but there was always this vague, enormous hindrance. My two most glaring issues are energy and not knowing a toss about how the world works. There's such an inconceivably huge difference between "Intelligence" and "Knowing how the world works," you know? Like, if I knew how the world works, I'd know that a CIS degree at Kirkwood is not a four-year program where you transfer to UIowa after two years, and all the class requirements just work out clean-like. I'd know that I'm not allowed to sell beer where I work after 2 am. This world is second-nature to my 18 year-old co-workers, who aren't even old enough to drink, but I'm disabled by this strange, crippling naivete. I don't speak English. I'm just kind of meandering my way through communication with some bastardized set of symbolic utterances which only superficially convey my actual thoughts and intentions.

But anyway. The great news is now I have traction. Things got overwhelming for a long time, but I didn't quit. Now with a few semesters of good grades in hand, a tangible end is in the visible distance. I feel like I have a true grasp on the future, and am fully capable of bending the impotent masses to my perfect vision. My dreams to become reality. Every living organism subject to my will, power, and judgment.

My immanence... to superimpose the universe.

So ya know, how's stuff going with ya'll?

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I'm attending University of Iowa
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